Saturday, December 11, 2010

From Death to Life

I am a wounded soul in a sea of wishes for just one to come true.  Born into a world built on deceit and bathed in disaster.  Raised in a tornado of lies and distrust, abused and torn about by others lust with nowhere to run.  And they smile, teeth bright white blood shot eyes waiting for my demise.  And as I begin to sink, He catches me.  Where He came from I do not know, why He chose me I have no answer.  I only feel His love.  A love I never had before and will never have again.  A strength that gives me power to not give in to the chains of weight that have pulled me down all my life.  A love that is beyond earthly imagination and a love I know I will never leave.  He is mine and I am His and finally the light appears shining on my destiny.

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